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Do you know what skeleton sites are? Are you one of these common perpetrators of putting one together and wondering why it never gets any organic traffic? As SEO and the search engines begin to develop a better understanding for one another, the one thing that the main search engines can do to block spammy sites from ranking is to hold those sites that don’t contain a whole lot of content down in the rankings.

books are websitesPicture a website like a book. Books come in many sizes and so do websites. What is interesting about the web is that Google has proven the they give more weight to larger sites.

Now I know some of you may be saying, but Daniel! “I see websites ranking with duplicate content and only a few pages for terms!” Hey, I’m not one to try and pick Googles brain but maybe they let these websites slide because they want to keep the results mixed up for us SEO’s or they just haven’t gotten around to fixing it yet. The fact is that you should go with the majority of what is going on inside the internet. If it’s a simple affiliate website that can be quickly reproduced then give it a shot. But in my eye’s I wouldn’t take that chance with a larger authority site that you may be trying to build. If you would like a definition of what an authority site is click here.

Let me back up for a bit and tell you another reason why it is that a skeleton site can rank and that is probably because it is an aged domain and has lots of power going to it. If you don’t have any idea what that means right now don’t worry about as you will find out soon enough. There is a magic range of numbers with Google when it comes to the number of pages and posts that need to be put together and if you hit this number within a smaller niche then I have seen websites shoot straight to the top. For me the number has been a combination of pages and posts that equaled up to 60. Now i’m not saying that can happen every time because there a lot of variables so to speak that are in play when making a ranking website.

I like to use unique content just to be safe and to be absolutely sure head over to Copyscape and have up to 2,000 words searched through at a time. If you use this as a guideline and only have unique articles and where I like to get them is at a place called iwriter. These are ran through Copyscape before being presented to you and the prices for an article are very manageable.

The next piece of information I would like to bring up and that will help you from your site being looked at as a  skeleton website is the word counts that your articles should be. At one time this did not really matter but as the algorithms of the search engines became more sophisticated, you could not throw up two sentences and have your key phrase in them 10 times.  No that just won’t do today. Also in the heyday of the internet marketers found out that you could get away with only 500 word articles and so everyone began to use those.

That’s how the internet works. if a lot of people figure out how something is accomplished then you can go ahead and bet your last dollar that they will squeeze every penny out of the internet until it changes. Now back to this word count issue. I like to come in and start out any new website I am working on with a 1500 to 2000 word unique article. Do that and add a couple of legal pages like privacy policy, terms of service and a contact us page and you will surely pass up any of the regular and desolate websites that riddle the internet. By doing that you basically take away all of Google’s doubt’s and it can tell that you have invested a significant amount of time into posting your content.

In closing, taking the time and producing a higher quality content for your end users will reward you in the end. Seo starts with good structure and content.

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