How our SEO Helps

Having a solid reputation when you are in business is one of the most effective ways you can earn a new potential customers trust.

When it comes to search engine optimization and reputation management, we are talking about simply improving upon the public’s perception of your company and making a consorted effort to have customers and employee’s give good review’s.

Now make no mistake that this sort of SEO is not to trick the public or in any way deceive the companies true nature. If the company is involved in bad practices or poor customer service, then it is up to the SEO Expert to make a decision on whether or not they would want to work with said company.

When it comes down to me personally as a search engine optimization expert, I would have to walk away from a situation like that. This business or ranking websites that we are in is, like I stated previously is based mostly on our reputation. If a business owner has started out with a poor reputation and from the initial meetings you don’t get a remorseful vibe…what makes you think you should stick around and risk having your reputation tainted.

O.k now that you see my point let’s get back to the subject of how an SEO would go about revitalizing a business’s reputation. The first part of resuscitating a failing company is to have a look at the product itself. This might be a little more beyond then what a regular search engine specialist would do but it is important to be well versed in all aspects of SEO and not just link and citation building. So you take a look at the product and deeply analyze what is going on with it. Is enough value given at the right price point? Is the product still relevant to the market? Has it been utilized in all forms and formats.

What separates a good optimization expert from a bad one, is that that they should have a broad knowledge base covering everything from HTML coding to direct marketing tactics. This is why so many potential SEO specialists go out and can’t land clients.

They are not well versed in all the combined skills that will make up a successful optimization expert. Once you have had a look at the product you would then want to move your attention process of how the product is being delivered. Is it purchased in a storefront like a normal sales item? Is it a downloadable file and something you just simply send a link to? Well as reputation management specialists you are going to need to know how to optimize and streamline those processes. Having a multifaceted set of skills to pull from it what makes a great SEO so untouchable that when you hit it you hit it big. I’m talking $3-$4,000 per client every month.

If everything looks like it’s on the up and up, why don’t you just put in place some simple but easy to follow steps. Now we cannot just outright buy good referrals but we can coach the people so they can leave a nice referral for us. One of the best way’s I have heard of doing this is buy simply asking for contact information and calling after a small amount of time has passed. From there the search engine optimization expert will contact the customer and ask what was good or bad about the service. A smart SEO will have the process segmented into how were you greeted, to how was your experience while using the product and finally how was the overall experience within the product.

You see by segmenting the referral questions down the SEO Specialist can get the proper amount of data to make an educated analysis and properly solve all the problems.
As for the aspect of generating testimonials, well simply take all of the negative comments first and right them down some ware. Make those the number one priority of your business and thank the customer for telling you how you can fix it.
Offer them a free sample once the problems have been remedied. Now that you have all the negative responses under control and game planned out, we can now set up the people that really enjoyed your services and approach them to get permission to put them on as a testimonial.

So in essence the Search Engine Optimization specialist has gone ahead and found out what customers like and don’t like, has made o conscious effort to fix those problems and is now putting together an area where he can use the compliments to the business in a beneficial manner.
That is what pure SEO and reputation management all can do for someone’s business. For me I don’t know why any business out there would not want to get some excellent feedback from their customer base and use that super beneficial information within their own model. Because of that simple fact however there will always be room for the specialist to step in a make a few bucks. Now if you enjoyed this article go ahead and check out our service areas in Oregon of Hillsboro, Aloha, Beaverton and Portland!