CPA Marketing Product Review

A Journey In Cost Per Action Marketing

One of the easiest ways a new internet marketer can break into making his or her first dollars is by experimenting with CPA marketing. This is Cost Per Action as a person would simply need to sign up for a free sample or download a piece of software.

I’ve chosen Maxbounty to get my feet wet with this exciting and potentially very profitable type of marketing. But the product I am reviewing can be found at a website called Warrior Plus.

Remember it is up to you to do your own research on which type of CPA network you go for but remember, if you are a new to this you will have to go through a phone interview. I wouldn’t worry about that though because at the end of this article, I will walk you through exactly what to say.

Now for my review of the product entitled CPA Breakthrough. This is an older product as it came out around January of 2017. Although that may seem ancient in the information age, the only things that matter in my mind is how good the information is with the product. Cost Per Action Breakthrough is the real deal in my mind and let me tell you why.

The 2 products that have come from the creator of this one have nothing but great reviews. If you understand one thing about being in this industry you will know that if someone is not portraying the truth, then they will be ultimately called out and shunned by the IM community.

Back to the product-

The first aspect of this product I would like to address is that it is new marketer friendly or newbie friendly. This comes with 9 fully complete videos or modules and I will list their contents below.

Module One- This has everything you need to get started with CPA marketing. It deals with first getting the correct mindset. Now I want to speak about this a little bit as I know from experience that you may be wondering “What does mindset have to do with anything? Just tell me how to make money!” The way I understand it is to try and put yourself within the mind of the persons who will be searching for the product that you will be promoting.

What is it that you need to know before you make a buying decision? But with cost per action marketing you don’t have to go that deep. But as a tip from me I would say make a list any way’s to help with putting together your content.

For me to make a buying decision whether it be a digital product or not has to do with quality. If it is a digital product I would like know how many products this person has put out and what the general consensus was from those that purchased before me.

As we are still talking about Module one in the CPA Breakthrough product it also provides an overview of what you will learn. This is important for the fact that it essentially pre-frames your mind and activates the subconscious to pick up those teaching points that have been prior mentioned.

Module Two- Tools of the Trade

With this I can only speculate as to what may be suggested. From what I have looked into it appears that there are some competition or keyword spying tools. If you have the money to put down for some of these time and headache saving programs then I suggest you get ones that you trust.

On a side note if a piece of software is suggested, I would not just go out and buy it immediately, especially if that price would be eating into my marketing budget. But we will cover that a little later.

But before you buy a tool really look into it and make sure it has the right applications for what you will need it to do. Take it from me it is worth the time to know this.

Module Three- Networks & Getting Approved

This may be one that is very quick but I would only reiterate that you do your research about the companies and make sure they have a good reputation for paying their affiliates on time. If you are not in America then I would ask that you research this thoroughly before giving any company your private information, especially when it comes to Paypal or another banking institution.

I am glad that this information is gone through in this product as it is a very important piece of information that needs to be understood.

Module Four- Niches

Getting to know what niches to go after when it comes to CPA marketing is a vital part of becoming successful. Just because a product is making lots of sales does not particularly mean that it would be good for you to invest time and money into promoting it.

On the other hand, if you find and obscure product and don’t see much attention getting pushed towards it, maybe it could be lucrative. No matter what having an understanding about this aspect is very important.

Module Five- Offer Selection

Offer selection is what you will be taught about in the fifth video of the Breakthrough course and it is definitely a piece that you should pay attention to. Imagine for a moment if you are led to a room with men and woman and you are going to have to choose the mate that you will spend the rest of your life with. The only catch is you will have to do this blindfolded.

I think this was a tv show but this how many marketers simply go into choosing offers. All they know is how much the commission will be and they start driving traffic. This is a big no no and I am also glad to see this CPA teaching course covers this.

Module Six- Direct Linking VS Landing Pages

Wow. Now this is a huge topic that is so important, that I would not recommend any product that does not cover this subject. Essentially what this will show you is the importance of how you can maximize your marketing dollars by sending your traffic to a squeeze page where you will have the opportunity to capture an email address and begin to build your list.

If you send your traffic to a direct link you only have that one opportunity to make the sale and then those potential customers are gone forever. Capturing an email will give you the freedom to pitch to them over and over again.

For this I recommend Aweber as a good auto-responder but Mailchimp can also be used as free version.

Learning about how auto-responders work is a pretty involved task and I will put together another article about them at a later time.

Module Seven- Landing Pages

Landing pages or squeeze pages are a vital part to any internet marketing career. It is well known by many seasoned marketers that building an email list is essential to securing your business for the long haul. What I mean is and if you are new you will understand this soon enough. If anything goes wrong like your website gets hacked or the email system that you are using goes down for any reason, you should still have access to those emails and thus be able to make money.

So with that said, I think this is a great topic to go over especially newer marketers to begin to think in this manner.

Module Eight-Traffic Generation & Campaign Setup

Once all of the above has been taught or gone through you should have a good understanding about CPA Marketing. Traffic is essential to making money so if you have no traffic then you will have no money. As you listen to the informative video about traffic, you are going to have to make the decision whether or not you will go for paid or free traffic. I say decision because either way you will have to dig into each of those methods as there is another learning curve in itself.

Also one other fact I will throw into the mix and is a reason why I have decided to expand my business beyond SEO is that it costs money and time to get it right. There is no more free traffic in my opinion as with SEO you will have to spend money on some aspects so you might as well go with paid traffic.

Module Nine-Tracking

In order to make you campaigns profitable you are going to want track how they are doing. If you don’t know what is working, you can never scale up and really make massive money.

So there you have it, my review of a great product called CPA Breakthrough. In my opinion I give it 4 out 5 Stars for being a great product. There are also a few bonuses that I did not mention but if you follow the links I provide, you will see them.

Just while I have your attention here I will go through a few points that I believe will help get your CPA marketing a little more successful.

While I might have mentioned earlier that learning how to get paid traffic is the way to go, there are still some essential SEO practices that need to be incorporated into your website so that it will be literally unaffected by any update. Although this may not matter that much for advertising with other networks Google will do everything in its power to take your website out.

An easy application that SEO has to do with you having a successful CPA campaign is keyword research. There is another article that I have on my website that explains the importance of it and you can find my keyword research article here.

Knowing what keywords to go after is like walking into a real estate office and simply knowing where the oil or gold is. So how do you go about this to have a successful cost per action run?

Well the first part is research. Look into the CPA product itself and find odd and obscure things that can be related to keywords. If it is a supplement or health product look into the ingredients and throw those into a keyword tool. I don’t really trust the keyword tools but it may give you a good idea about whether you would want to pursue those keywords.

But if you really want to know what is working go to Google and see who is bidding on what. Click on their links and check out their landing page.

Next we will go into traffic. If you pick one traffic source I advise you to stay with it until you get it working for you. The fact is if you are new to CPA and marketing in general you are going to have to learn the concepts of getting a campaign profitable because it will not come without bumps in the road.

Now let’s talk about content. What is going to help your readers the most is if you solve their problem or at least make a good effort to do so. I have done this, by beginning to write larger articles that go above and beyond to help me readers accomplish their goals. As you can see I not only go through a full CPA marketing product review but I went past that to throw in some of my experience and insight.

You see gone are the days when you can throw up a three hundred word article that has two hundred keywords stuffed into it. The mindset of consumers today is far beyond what it was ten years ago. People are on the internet everyday and they are being hit with advertisements at least every second. I found a great article that will demonstrate how many advertisements a consumer is subjected to a day.

You must be willing to put in work and stand out from the competition when it comes to marketing and having a successful career.

As a recap I do recommend the CPA Breakthrough and I also you coming back to my website to stay up on whatever marketing tips I am giving out.

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