Proof Of Rankings

Fist off I know that many other SEO’s or agencies will not show you their rankings as many of them simply do not know how too.

I have been studying SEO for years now and have been taught by the best in the business. I am part of the Google Partners Network and I only use the industry’s top standards. I give Google and the website visitor what they want and in return I am rewarded by it. Here is a screenshot of a local auto body shop that I have been working on and now holds 7 out of 10 spots on the first page plus the map listing.

Portland SEO agency

My site is of course Pace-Way and the keywords that I have it ranked for are numerous. There are no tricks to ranking pages highly, there are only the right amount of steps that need to be taken that will give you the best chance of ranking. I understand that Google rankings are based on a computer algorithm and when the right steps have been taken in the right order, chances are you will land on top. Add that to my expert keyword research as well as competition analysis and the chances for success are even greater.

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