Portland Recreation

If you are from our great city of Portland Oregon then you must know there is plenty to do around town. Starting out with Old Town China Town Portland has a rich and long tradition with working alongside the Chinese people. Back in Portland’s young beginnings, the Chinese where some of the first Asians to call the great Northwestern City their home.

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In the modern times that we are in today Portland’s western side is a wonderful place to visit at night. As you can see from this wonderful aerial view of the Great Rose City, this Northwest gem has plenty of waterfront space. Not only can you grab a great meal from the far Eastern Continent but you can only travel a few minutes and be deep in the forest at wonderful Forest Park. This is the heart of Portland as it is home to the Japaneses Gardens which is lovely for families to take a day walk in. I may be wrong but I believe the City offers a combination pass of sorts that would allow a family to purchase a pass at a discounted price that would let you explore all the family friendly parks and attractions. It would combine the Portland Zoo, The Forestry Center, The children’s Museum and I believe the Japanese Gardens as well. Inside the great Forest park of Portland there are numerous hiking and walking trails that on could get lost in for days. I’m not saying that in a bad way of course as the park is encircled by the city. Also inside the park is a giant play structure that me and my family enjoy spending time in the summer. It is cool and covered to save us Oregonians from the hot sun and when the Ice cream trucks are around, the day in my mind can get no better. Also in forest park is the ever exciting Archery targets where if one is so inclined can bring his or her bow up into the city and safely target practice inside the city limits. That is why Portland is such a lovely city and in my opinion that many of the small businesses thrive here.

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