Local Business Special For Website Creation

Businesses need a website as a homebase but many do not need all the bells and whistles!

My Local Business Package will have you set up and running in as little as 5 business days! Here is what you will get for a one time fee. 

  1. Purchase of relevant domain name of your choosing.

  2. Server space purchase and set up.

  3. WordPress installation +  detailed instructions on how to login and post your own information.

  4. 5 relevant posts + all government and Google compliant legal pages.

Some would just stop there And Leave you on your own but I being an SEO expert will also add 1 Month Of Free SEO essentially having your website hitting the ground running!

Places like Yellow Pages and Yelp will only do the bare minimum while trying to upsell you almost to the point of harassment. These big businesses do not care if anyone knows how to find your website. They only care about making money. What you will get with my free month of SEO is as follows.

  1. Important website architecture with essential page and post inner linking.

  2. Layered and embedded SEO optimized map to help with geographical relevance.

  3. Relevant keyword rich analysis and articles.

  4. Google friendly and keyword and geographically layered images.

  5.  10 Social Media properties created and linked with the main website.  

These 5 SEO steps listed above is what other top Search Engine Optimization agencies and firms will charge you at least $1,500 a month. And it is rightfully so because it is a ton of work

The simple fact that I offer this for so low is I am a new business and I know what it’s like to operate on a shoestring budget. Although I am a new business, I am not new to ranking and building websites as you can see in this article here.  If you have any questions, simply shoot me an email at leadgen@unrelentingseo.com and I will get back to you within 2 business days.

It is important to secure your business and brand online before someone else does and that is why I have put together this complete but cost effective package that you will find nowhere else. 

What other business is willing to set you up and teach you how to run your website for under $1,000? Not very many from what I have seen. Google ranks websites very slow these days and an essential piece that they need before ranking a site is trust.

What builds trust with them is how long the website has been up and operational. Getting this done now will benefit you later on as your site grows.

Not only will it save you time but it will save you thousands of wasted dollars in SEO fees when you seek them out later on down the line. To be competitive online, Search Engine Optimization is essential. 

Contact me today to get your website up and running!