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Now think of the impact that would have on your business if you had all those assets available for new projects, equipment or even more staff. Working with me at Unrelenting SEO you will pay for results, not clicks or “tire kickers.”

The labor of SEO is time consuming and intensive but also very effective when your business is put on the first page of the largest search engine in the world

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Have a look at what the top business insiders say about SEO and marketing. Although there happens to be much competition and a ton of harassing agencies, you should ask them to provide proven rankings.

Read my post in this page here. With that said I will tell you that I am also an referral based marketer as well as an Adwords marketer. What that means for any business signing on with me is they will get 3X the value of large agencies only working on their Search Engine Rankings.

My goal is to have you as quickly as possible to see an increase in phone calls and customers.

Yes. SEO takes at least 3 months to kick in but with what I have to offer, you can rest assured that your money is being well spent. Click on my Discovery Form to see if your business qualifies as a good match and we can get started getting you more business today. If you do have a knack for getting your own work done then you can take a look a my Business Consulting page where I put together specified plans for you business that you can follow.

Usually these plans are packed with enough information to get you through around six months of easy SEO work. It is best to just go slow and let the search engines find you naturally. In short many are at the mercy of them unless you have the means to get past them.

The reason why SEO is so slow now day’s is that Google wants consumers to pay for advertising and they would rather not have websites raise in the ranking fast. Like I mentioned earlier there is a way for you to be able to test and successfully have conversions on Adwords. I am putting together a teaching program that will show anyone how they can methodically set up campaigns in order to make profits.

These days it is hard for people to be patient when it comes to online work. Just because the computer is fast and the communication capabilities are fast, this has nothing to do with the more educated consumer.

Remember normal consumers are being bombarded with advertising messages probably every five to ten seconds. Have a look at this article from the NY Times. You will notice that ad space is being sold where ever the eyes may go, just as the article states. Now how as small to medium size business do you think you can compete with this?

My advice would be to start locally and don’t try to be like Coca Cola and have a huge brand in the beginning. It’s hard enough to get people to recognize you and with all the advertisements around, you would be hard pressed not to begin locally. Many times this is so overlooked and by getting a build up in a local Chamber of Commerce would be the ideal way for a small business to begin building up that brand.